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The CryptoProgram scam has started the slow rug pull with "tech issues". This is probably the last warning before you can no longer take your money out. Cryptoprogram is now known as AMS or AMSYS. They changed their name after a cease and desist from the California government.

This Ponzi scheme is now having payment delays which is the beginning of a slow rug pull just like NovaTech did.

Read more about CryptoProgram/AMSYS here: ponzipatrol.com/ed-zimbardi-cryptoprogram-review.

    CryptoProgram & AMSYS Payment Problems - Slow Rug Pull Initiated
    The CryptoProgram scam has started the slow rug pull with "tech issues". This is probably the last warning before you can no longer take your money out....

    CryptoProgram (Amsys) Scam - Withdraw Issues Incoming
    CryptoProgram is now calleed AMS. And yes, AMS is still a scam. They just made a LOT of changes. You now have to withdraw from a bogus exchange that was...

    Crypto Program, Amsys, and Ed Zimbardi are back in business!!! My Traffic Powerline is a Replica!!!
    NovaTech, Fundsz, Vortic United, CloudFi, and Crypto Program/Amsys are all gone and never coming back. Is Ed Zimbardi already back in business? This is the...

    CryptoProgram is a Scam - Ed Zimbardi is THE Red Flag (Full Interview)
    Is Cryptoprogram a scam? The short answer is YES. Full Article Here: ponzipatrol.com/ed-zimbardi-cryptoprogram-review/ The number one red flag in...

    AMSYS is an international group that invests in SIX principal verticals, all of which we understand very well, backed by a seasoned team with decades of...

    I can't give specifics right now but if you are a serious investor, let me know in my TeleGram Group. Link is below!!! If you want to get in on the ground...

    Crypto Program, Amsys, and Ed Zimbardi, are gone. Next best thing could be inside. THE MONEY TREE!
    NovaTech, Fundsz, Vortic United, and Crypto Program are all gone and never coming back. If you're looking for something truly decentralized and renounced,...

    Crypto Program - Criminal Investigation (not good)
    CryptoProgram.me is an alleged Ponzi scheme owned by Ed Zimbardi. It promises fixed returns of 25% per month which they claim is generated from advertising...

    CryptoProgram Rugged - Ed Zimbardi Stole Your Money
    CryptoProgram rug pulled and cashed out $2.5mm in the last two days. Wonder where it went? To Ed's wallets? This is bittersweet. I've spent 4 months...

    Crypto Program Review | Ed Zimbardi & His Latest Grift!
    Interoperability & Intercompatibility Issues are a THING OF THE PAST! NO MORE LOST CRYPTO! Cross-Chain Incompatibility has MET ITS MATCH! PreSend is more...

    Crypto Death Watch - Vortic - More New Plans and Withdrawal Day, CloudFi, Amsys is Down too now
    Episode 4725 youtube.com/channel/UCAvMkxecn5LzKwa43-hwTMA Click on "Show More" Oracle's Learn how to Trade Videos - War on the 1 Minute ...

    Reacting to Crypto Program - Ponzi Patrol & BinanceStuff | QC Reacts: Episode 3
    In this video series I react to content creators who promote projects that are good or bad, giving overall ponzi project advice, or overall defi rugs and...

    The Crypto Program just died
    The Crypto Program just died Buy me a Beer: buymeacoffee.com/stellj46Z Sign up through this link and receive 10% off your Binance trading fees forever: ...

    CryptoProgram (Amsys) Scam Collapsing - Ed Zimbardi Crypto Wallets Exposed
    Ed Zimbardi's wallet address exposed! Ed Zimbardi is depositing all of the money he's stolen back into CryptoProgram to keep it going. That is, up until May...

    Crypto Program - Time Is Up What Happened to My Money
    👉Here's the link for my discord: discord.gg/rBynVtMYXc 👉Identify scams: surl.li/gslsv DISCLAIMER AND WARNING I am not a financial Advisor. This video...

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